by Cohasset

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This is the first half of the full-length album we have recorded. From personal encounters, I have noticed that people find it very difficult describing what other bands we sound like. Although we consider ourselves math rock, we do not actually sound like any other math rock band that I know of. On this album you will hear math-influenced guitar tapping and odd-meter rhythms. You will also hear pop influenced synth and vocal layering, which I feel gives us our unique sound. All three of us have contributed to the songs either musically or lyrically.
-Chris Jackson


released January 21, 2014

Chris Jackson- Vocals, Bass, Synth, Guitars, Percussion
Tyler Wennstrom- Guitars, Vocals
Joseph Fleming- Drums

Tom Djergian-Saxophone (on "The Departure")

Mixed by Bill Jackson
Produced by Chris and Bill Jackson
Artwork by Tyler Wennstrom



all rights reserved


Cohasset Los Angeles, California

Cohasset consists of Tyler Wennstrom on guitar, Joseph Fleming on drums, and Chris Jackson on bass and vocals. They consider themselves to be an accessible form of math rock, combining technical playing and odd-meter rhythms with pop-influenced vocal and synth layering. ... more

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Track Name: The Departure
If the water is your love
Then I guess it’s gone dry
So I’ll be on my way
And I think we both know why

And you won’t see me
Until the water flows again
Was it worth it
That you lost another friend

How does it taste now
That you’re not with me
Can you live with it
Or is it thin enough to breathe

I hope it’s worth it
That you find someone like me
But it gets harder
If there’s nothing left to drink
Track Name: Sunbeams
Touch me, it feels like you're still here
The sunbeams, make my sight unclear
And i know its in my head
But the world looks like its dead, when you're gone

Because you had saved me
From myself again
I'd kill myself
If you were gone before
Now you're gone once more
I'll take it just like another day

Come to me, the sun is getting dim
I can see you, make my life bleak again

It's no longer in my head
The world is truly dead, with you

You cannot save me
From what is not there
I helped myself
You can be gone once more, i have won this way
I'll take it just like another day

Without darkness, light has no room

I thought you had saved me
You were worse than me
You lost yourself
I won't see you again
You have lost, my friend
Take it just like another day
Track Name: Dead Man
I have been tortured
All my life
All this time
They hope that I will notice
Well I notice
Every time

Much more pain
Than I should have to bear
It’s just a phase
That god will fix, they swear
I am amazed
That it has taken me this long
To find out I was right
And all of them were wrong

Life is not as easy as they say
Especially when your life is this gay
People tell me I’m the type god hates
Then why am I the type that god creates
You can’t have a boyfriend when you’re 12
They say that’s a ticket straight to hell
Who are you to tell me I’m not right
I hope your bible chokes you to death tonight

And if god truly hates me
He should tell me
Then we’ll see
If they knew why I cry
They would lie
He’s alright